Black Sheep White Sheep

What happens when you decide to make a life changing decision? Most people that don't know you don't really give it a second thought but since I'm not most people then that would make me the exception to the norm.

Having been here some years now you begin to form habits to your routine without ever realizing it, whether those are positive and or negative is really determined by the outcome of each day as it passes. Not only that but relationships are created with little to no effort because of the nature of the culture, you just can't survive without recognizing that fact of this life. 

Doing this for so long it becomes clear when you find yourself at the crossroads to stay the comfortable, secure and sure path or the risky, uncertain and unpleasant one. How to go about those is truly up to the perspective of your current situation and the projection of your own self confidence.  There are several qualities that distinct us from one another and most are visual, you can physically see them and then there's the internal distinctions that make us like everyone else or make us black sheep in a heard of white ones.

When you've gone with the crowd for so long and realize you want more for your fate then what's already in front of you, it begins to show and draws the attention of the herd already set in its way. Naturally their first reaction is a negative one solely out of instinct, then they begin to question why your choosing to go left instead of straight not because they dare to do but because they don't dare at all.

Having done nothing but go straight for as long as they have they know no other way and don't care to change a sure and contempt outcome. Questionable opinions about what's fact and what's not begin to rain on you from every direction and yet none have acted to go left and some how know a demise in that direction simply because they've only ever gone straight. This is what separates the black sheep from the herd, it doesn't seem to matter what the current outcome of an uncharted territory may be, you just know you want to take that chance and if you don't you'll always burden yourself with the weight of your potential never truly taking flight because you just couldn't let it go in order to see what happens. Questioning yourself yet? You should!

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