Chief Executive Officer & Founder of
The EJM Store & Ejm Aesthetics Apperal 

Real journey’s from real people go into these projects; that’s what sets us apart, we aim to give back a piece of the time we get robbed of everyday. So when you're rocking what we educate ourselves about, you need to know that These designs have stories that belong to you the community because YOU are who support US… 
hope you found everything well;
Spending with us is one more dollar away from the greedy strangers that never cared for us when we supported them throughout our lives, making them rich while we just looked rich in those brands… 
 Community, you’re all coming to build with us, whether you’re a teacher, gamer, manga/comic historian, dancer, Bboy, graffiti artist, painter, poet, speaker, musician, singer, writer, rapper, entrepreneur, DJ, agent, veteran, older, younger, millennial, Gen X, Z, Boomer…You have a place, a voice, a story, a sound, a journey, a tragedy, a triumph, a love, a loss, a stand, a fall, a prideful moment, a humbling experience.
For what is LIFE without STRUGGLE?
you matter and we see you…
Co-Creator of Pizza Boyz 
Nick Espinosa
Instagram - nickespinosa_215

“Without the sun, there would be no new beginnings; without the moon there would be no new dreams.” E.K Mckoy

Born and raised in North Philadelphia,

Nick Espinosa has embarked on a journey with Elvis Matos' vision of The EJM Store. Joining the team Nick Espinosa brings ideas and collaborative efforts with marketing The EJM Store. Nick Espinosa understands the mission of The EJM Store which is why he joined the team. So far Nick and Elvis collaborative efforts has brought forth Pizza Boyz, Pizza Girlz, and Pizza Kidz Brand to the success and more are to come. Stay Tuned.