Love Anyways

The truth is we’re all perfectly imperfect. We were made this way on purpose for the purposes of doing good works through our creativity, which produces togetherness in others who love what we produce. This is why we go through so much bullshit in this life and somehow can still get up and do what we love because anything else means death. Ironically none of our life’s experiences can be described without someone else involved, good or bad. Which tells me all I need to know... despite the illusion of self made we have, were really Community made. We were never designed to self produce anything, we were always meant to come together because we all have a part of this puzzle called life through our minds eye, life lens, foresight, however we call it lol.


We are students of this life until we join it on the next journey. Our existence now is to pave the way for futures to come... legacy... old money... true freedom is faith in this double edged sword called life and still courageously acting in love anyways...

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  • Greicy

    I absolutely love this message we are all COMMUNITY MADE.. one hand washes the other at the end of the day 👏🏻♥️👑

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